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You have 14 Meridians running throughout your body. Like a superhighway, your energy pathways get into traffic jams. You also have 7 major Energy centers called Chakra's that affect all major organs in your body. 

Congestion in your Medians and Chakra's can be caused by injury, illness, emotional issues, and stress. 

The stuck energy causes your body to lose vital healing CHI energy

An Energy Medicine session will clear, balance, and re-pattern your whole body to enhance healing Energy. 

If you are having prolonged health issues, it is recommended you have several follow-up sessions  

so the re-patterning takes a good hold. 

Be Well~ Michelle


First Initial In-Person Session

The session includes inquiry time, bodywork, feedback, and recommendations.

(1 hour)


Follow Up/Maintenance Sessions  

(45 mins)


Payment: Cash, Check, or PayPal via invoice

Payment due at time of service

NOTE: Due to the amount of prep for all sessions;

24 hrs notice for cancellations is required.

If you have pet allergies, please be aware that dogs frequent the property. They will not be present during the sessions.

What to expect during a session?

For In-Person Healing Sessions, the Client will be on a massage table, fully clothed

Gentle light touch -while respecting personal areas

On the table, often clients may fall asleep because it's so deeply relaxing.!

"Light meals" before the session are recommended. Water for hydration will be provided.

What to expect after a session?

You'll feel lighter, but not fuzzy or out of sorts.

I recommend you schedule a time when you have a light schedule right afterward for reflection to ENJOY the Healing and Peace you just experienced.!

Expectations: That you will come and will be completely healed! You may come for a specific ailment, and yes, I will work on the ailment -but sometimes The Energy may also go somewhere MORE beneficial for the person. 

Also, it's pretty subtle, you may find yourself avoiding certain foods, people, or situations in a few weeks' time. 

Or a new passion that was lying dormant may pop up.

Some people MAY had a detox effect if a lot of old, stuck energy is released. This is temporary while your body adjusts to the renewed energy.

Feel free to call Michelle Direct for ANY questions 

(570) 406-0403

*Client consent form to be signed before the first session

Contact Michelle directly if you wish to discuss hosting a

group workshop, event, or training! 

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